FASHIONS FOREVER® 925 Sterling Silver Shelled Crab Leverback Earrings

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Feel close to the beach and the ocean when you are wearing our newest pair of 925 sterling silver crab earings.

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Self protection, Security, Boundaries, vulnerability, Timing, Emotional body and the Zodiac symbol of Cancer. Crab deals primarily with elements of water, moon and carries themes of protection. Crab Symbolizes the need to honor yourself and find the balance of protection and vulnerability suited to your personal needs and emotions. The lovely pair of Leverback Crab Earings are crafted from 925 sterling silver. These earings would be a gorgeous gift for a Cancer star sign recipient or anyone who loves being by the sea side! A sea creature style makes this piece the perfect animal jewelry to wear during all months, and looks totally adorable with any outfit. An adorable pair of sterling silver crab earrings are sure to draw attention to your beachy style. If you are shopping Cancer Zodiac jewelry these stylish crab earrings make a fun and fashionable choice.

Exclusively Handmade in UK.

Product Details

  • Metal : 925 Sterling Silver, Stamped 925, Nickel Free, MADE IN EUROPE.
  • All 925 Sterling Silver components used in our jewellery are “MADE in EUROPE”.
  • Earring Size : Approx. 30mm * 10mm.
  • Earring Style : Leverback.


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