FASHIONS FOREVER® 925 Sterling Silver Root-Chakra Leverback Earring

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These Root Chakra earings resonates with all those who want to live a balanced life and evolve spiritually.

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Empower your mind and body with our 925 Sterling Silver Root Chakra Earings. Gentle but powerful these esoteric 925 Sterling Silver earings are the symbol of the Sacral Chakra, A Chakra is a vital energy center that resides in our bodies, that is not detectable by most modern medical means. Root Chakra or Base Chakra represents the most earth-centered energy. Considered the foundation of the ‘energy body’, many awakenings begin with this chakra It stands for our inherited beliefs through our formative years. The Root Chakra image or symbol as in the Earing is surrounded by Four Lotus Petals; each representing a different element of the human psyche, which are: Mind, Intellect, Consciousness and Ego. A healthy root chakra connects you with vitality to your family of origin, your immediate society and to the global community. Located at the bottom of the spine, the Root Chakra is the home to the sleeping serpent of Kundalini energy. It is connected to the lower-etheric body, and it supports the spinal column, feet, legs, and hips.

Exclusively Handmade in UK.

Product Details

  • Metal : 925 Sterling Silver, Stamped 925, Nickel Free, MADE IN EUROPE.
  • All 925 Sterling Silver components used in our jewellery are “MADE in EUROPE”.
  • Earring Size : Approx. 39mm * 24mm.
  • Earring Style : Leverback.


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